Arkadium Games


Arkadium may not be well known, but you have likely played one of their games. Arkadium provides games and interactive graphics to news sites like the Chicago Tribune, CNN, and the Washington Post.

They boast millions of players worldwide, and their games are hard to stop. Furthermore, they create custom game communities or Game Arenas for clients such as AARP and Publishers Clearing House.

Tap tiles

Arkadium’s Taptiles is a 3D Mahjong and puzzle game available for Android and iOS devices, featuring four distinct play modes, including a fast-paced race against the clock mode, methodical puzzle game mode, and an untimed manner to help relaxed players enjoy gameplay more freely.

Tap tiles offer an immersive gaming experience with their beautiful visual design and engaging puzzles of cube-shaped tiles that only you can solve. Unlike traditional mahjong games that require planning and finesse to succeed, Taptiles emphasizes speed and quick reactions – players earn points based on speed, while speed chains can quickly clear whole rows of tiles at the same time – earning points based on rate alone or unlock locked tiles that must be removed before proceeding further in some levels for added difficulty.

Tap tiles go beyond basic mahjong gaming techniques to offer various bonuses and an engaging story that keeps players returning for more. One such bonus is gold dust bottles, which allow users to turn locked tiles into gold for easy clearance; mystery boxes also appear periodically with rare items as rewards for players.

Xbox integration adds another exciting aspect to this game, enabling players to compete against friends and track personal scores. Furthermore, the “Play, Pause, Resume” functionality allows users to pause and resume gameplay on any compatible device; daily challenges add variety and difficulty to the tile-tapping game experience.


Crossword-style game in which players must form words as quickly as possible to improve vocabulary and combat cognitive decline with age. You can play free at Arkadium Sodoku; unfortunately, the ads are highly annoying and slow the game significantly. My browser kept freezing every time an ad was launched despite changing settings or blocking cookies, meaning I only managed 6-8 minutes of gameplay before freezing up occurred.

The Maels challenge the conventional formulas as well. Their subversively humorous lyrics span everything from tragicomic suicide pacts and Albert Einstein to failed equatorial rendezvous and tragicomic suicide attempts. But you won’t hear Sparks playing alongside David Bowie or Roxy Music on classic rock radio stations.

By 1977, The Maels had grown tired of recording within a traditional rock band framework and were impressed by Giorgio Moroder – the producer behind Donna Summer’s UK No.1 of the year “I Feel Love.” Giorgio agreed to collaborate with them and produced 1979’s No. 1 In Heaven, featuring modular synthesizers and sequencers, thus repositioning themselves as electro-pop mavens.

Rovello took over Arkadium at a crucial juncture. Two-thirds of its mobile game development crew was located in Simferopol, Crimea. It had recently come under Russian military occupation, prompting Arkadium to decide between moving its team or taking another approach to its business strategy. Rovello ultimately decided against moving them, instead of focusing on its core web business, providing light casual games for websites and portals to save the company from financial disaster.


Trizzle is a free online puzzle game that blends fast-paced puzzle play with tricky combo stacking. A colorful Russian nesting doll puzzler, Trizzle offers fast, frantic gameplay with limited moves for each mover. Line up three or more Matryoshka dolls to form Mega Matches, which expand and grow surrounding beauties as you match and stack. Clear the board by matching and producing all Matryoshka dolls until all have been cleared away – earning massive points along the way and completing missions or earning in-game trophies for extra rewards!

Trizzle from Kevin Games is a free-to-play online puzzle game designed for modern browsers with no installation or download required. Its vibrant colors, smooth animations, and fun sound effects will keep you entertained for hours – perfect for PC users, Mac users, and mobile device players of all ages alike!

Trizzle symbolizes ambition, independence, and strength. People with this name excel at leading others and achieving great success. Additionally, these individuals tend to set high goals they strive to reach – often taking too much pride in their success and becoming overcommitted with work or material possessions – meaning those bearing this name should try balancing hard-working behaviors with more enjoyable leisure pursuits.

People named Trizzle tend to be highly intelligent and analytical. They love solving puzzles quickly and are very observant of all aspects of their environment, making great communicators as they can connect easily with a range of people.

Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions is a three-dimensional puzzle game that brings this timeless tile-matching classic to a new level. Compete against the clock as you rotate graphic-coated cubes to match tiles and outwit opponents; speed and strategy combine to propel you up leaderboards for endless bragging rights!

Arkadium’s unique mahjong experience adds an exciting dimension to gameplay with an isometric view that makes it easier to view all tiles at once and quickly identify matching pairs. However, be wary when selecting which tiles to remove – any misstep could prove devastating!

Play in either timed or untimed mode to find the most enjoyable experience. As the game becomes more difficult as you advance, more complex tile patterns and blocks appear for elimination. Matching multiple tiles in a row earns you a speed match combo, which increases your points multiplier by five; checking more than four will make a speed match combo, which multiplies them even further! You can use the Shuffle feature to alter its pattern of play.

Arkadium game offers a striking, colorful layout and music that will capture your attention, with multiple languages supported, such as French and German. Perfect for anyone who loves puzzle games, the free download includes a 30-day free trial before the required purchase of a monthly subscription fee for continued gameplay. Yet, this game is more engaging and relaxing than its average mahjong counterpart!

Memory Game

Memory games provide a fun and engaging way for children to build short-term memories, improve concentration and focus, and develop other cognitive skills, including visual memory.

Memory games provide a welcome respite from fast-paced activities for children who require something slower to occupy their minds and bodies. Memory games are especially great at helping your kids calm down if they feel stressed or anxious, sparking creativity while honing problem-solving skills.

Memory games are easy and entertaining games in which players must pair cards together. Each round begins by shuffling and placing the deck faces down on a table; players take turns picking a card from this pool of shuffled cards; if any card matches an image on one of their baseboards, that player makes their match and continues their turn; otherwise, it gets flipped back over, and the next player takes their turn.

Memory games may also teach children various subjects, including art or history. For instance, Ditto American Art can help preschool children discover different works of art through tactile puzzles while simultaneously developing visual memory and sequencing skills.

Magic Cups is another highly entertaining memory game featuring cups with hidden objects underneath them. To play the game successfully, remember which cup contains each object when the cups are rearranged – it can even be played cooperatively! This memory game can also be enjoyed solo.