60 is What Percent of 20?


Percentages can be easily grasped with some straightforward steps, and this calculator will quickly enable you to find any percentage value derived from any number or quantity within seconds.

60 is a natural number that follows from 59 and precedes 61, also referred to as threescore and sexagesimal.


A percentage is expressed as each hundredth part of a whole number, such as 20% of 60 (which equals 12). A percentage can also be seen as a fraction with 100 as its denominator, often represented by an “%.”

How to Calculate Percentages

The first step when calculating percentages is identifying an initial number. You can do this by dividing the total population by the initial population and multiplying by 100%; for instance, if there are 60 kindergarten children and 20% like Thomas the Train (e.g., 12 out of 60 kids like him), multiply that figure by 100% and determine that initial figure as the starting point.

This calculator will determine what percent of any given number corresponds to another number, providing the original and decimal forms if necessary. Simply enter the number you would like the percentage calculated, then click “calculate.” It is beneficial when dealing with large numbers and only knowing parts of them; enter one part into this calculator, click on it, and let it do its magic: the calculator will do all the rest and figure out what percentage belongs to said other number!