5 Slipper Shops Near Me in Kolkata


As Durga Puja quickly approaches, Kolkatans are making the rounds at some of its premier shopping locations to add footwear to their festive list – and here are five shoe shopping hotspots where they can find fashionable shoes at steep discounts!


Paddapukur, located near south Kolkata, is an energetic business hub. Home to traditional and innovative industries alike, its corporate sector drives demand for commercial real estate investments that enhance infrastructure development – both factors play an integral role in shaping Paddapukur’s urban landscape and contributing to its economic vibrancy.

Kolkata’s vibrant culture can be found in its food, music, and art; it is home to numerous universities and colleges. Kolkata is also known for its breathtaking view of Hoogly River from Howrah Bridge; delicious Roshogullas are served up daily; while its vibrant Rabindra Sangeeth resonates throughout its streets – these factors all contributing to making Kolkata known as “The City of Joy.”

Paddapukur is a crucial business district located on Sarat Bose Road near Ashutosh Mukherjee Road in Kolkata’s south. Additionally, this area serves as a transportation hub with several buses and metro lines passing through it regularly; besides, it’s close to major tourist destinations like Park Street, Victoria Memorial Gardens, and Eden Gardens – making Paddapukur an invaluable part of city life.

Pepper Chino restaurant provides ample shopping and dining opportunities in the area, featuring Indian, Chinese, and Lebanese dishes on its menu and offering bar seating and lounge space – it is open seven days a week for business.

Paddapukur offers more than its fair share of eateries; multiple stores also sell leather goods and accessories. Binsul Haat on CIT Road has been around for more than 100 years, known initially as Juto Bazaar but now more commonly referred to as Leather Market.

The locality is easily accessible from other parts of Kolkata via roads such as Sarat Bose Road and Park Street and easily reached via Kolkata Metro’s Netaji Bhavan metro station – not to mention buses, taxis, and autos that travel throughout the day serving this location.

Kolkata is one of the most beautiful cities in india and makes an ideal location for anyone considering moving here. There is so much to do here that there will never be an absence of activities!


Khiddirpore in Kolkata offers a commercial space suitable for retail or office purposes for rent in the Ideal Towers commercial complex, built two decades ago with 100 square feet of carpet area and situated directly by public transportation. It can accommodate retail shops as well as offices.

Location – Close to Kalighat and Ballygunge via train lines, several bus routes also pass here. Popular among residents and tourists alike for its excellent shopping, dining, and hotel offerings, this area has much to offer residents and visitors alike.

Alipore has numerous cultural institutions, such as the Indian National Congress headquarters and the Bengal Film and Television Institute. Furthermore, it features Alipore Zoo – one of India’s largest zoological parks, which houses Aldabra giant tortoises – making it an excellent spot for families or anyone interested in wildlife and nature.

St Thomas School, one of Kolkata’s oldest and most prominent schools, can be found here, as can Lajpat Hindi High School for boys; both schools receive government aid to run. Furthermore, shops and restaurants and Hem Chandra Library are nearby.

Nearby attractions include the BM Birla Heart Research Center – one of West Bengal’s significant hospitals – Woodlands Nursing Home and numerous medical colleges.

Saltlake and New Alipore offer safe and respectable neighborhoods, making them attractive options for single girls looking for somewhere safe to live and with plenty of activities, making them attractive options. It would also be wise to select an apartment as part of their choice.

New Market

New Market is one of Kolkata’s oldest markets and an excellent spot for street shopping enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find everything from clothing and accessories to shoes and flowers, not to mention an array of food products at competitive prices. Plus, its unique offerings may make New Market hard to beat!

This iconic marketplace can be found on Lindsay Street near Free School Street. While “New Market” initially referred to only its first enclosed market, today, the term is often used to refer to all commercial districts.

The Kolkata Market houses over 2000 stalls under one roof and is one of the city’s most visited shopping centers. With its stunning architecture, this market should not be missed while visiting Kolkata; its significance plays an integral part in its culture and heritage.

New Market features many stalls selling food and products like raw meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits and stores offering crockery and utensils. Many stalls feature brightly-colored flowers to attract customers; some, like Nahoum’s Jewish candy, have been in business since 1902.

New Market remains at the core of Kolkata’s shopping experience despite new malls popping up across town and has managed to withstand two devastating fires and periodic flooding without succumbing to these challenges.

Visits to this legendary market are an absolute must for every Kolkatan. From buyers and merchants alike, its lively bustle evokes many emotions, whether that means heartbreaking stories about small businesses struggling for survival or inspiring tales of resilience; its historic character stands as a testament to Kolkata’s rich history and steadfast spirit.

New Market offers everything from clothing and groceries to silver jewelry stores like Asian Arts and Karishmaz specializing in silver jewelry – with stud earrings costing INR 200 while danglers reaching as far up as INR 1500! Plus, it is home to some of Kolkata’s best street food! Don’t forget your appetite when visiting!


Barabazar Market in Kolkata should not be missed on your travels to this Indian city. Packed with people selling everything from shoes to sarees, Barabazar is also an excellent spot for finding unique gifts such as Khasi knives and unique floor scrubbing brushes that offer unique experiences for floor cleaning purposes – not forgetting feathered arrows used by Khasis for archery!

This area of Mumbai is divided into different sections or katas, each dedicated to selling one product: Raja Katra shops specialize in spices; Manohar Das Katra sells textiles; Vikram Chand Katra features electronic goods and artificial ornaments; the entire area becomes particularly lively during festivals such as Diwali or other religious holidays when food stalls make a brisk trade selling samosas, chaat, laddu sweets or other popular snacks such as laddu sweets!

Nakhoda Masjid, Kolkata’s largest mosque, was constructed in 1926 after being inspired by the Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri and can be found near Burrabazar market on Zakariya Street and Rabindra Sarani crossing near Zakariya Street and Rabindra Sarani crossings. Nearby is also an Armenian Street and Church of Holy Nazareth, designed by Iranian-Armenian architect Levon.

As well as offering many stores and stalls, this area features several restaurants – even an overhanging rooftop restaurant that overlooks the bustling bazaar – serving Indian and international fare, drinks, and sweets.

For an authentic shopping experience, Burrabazar Market should be your destination of choice in Kolkata. Although very crowded during the daytime, you will have an enjoyable shopping spree if you can squeeze yourself in!

Avoid crowds when shopping in Kolkata’s morning markets when prices are at their lowest point – morning shopping also gives you more time for browsing Hatibagan and New Market shopping areas!