3 Sporting Clays Courses and a Covered 5-Stand


On the southern edge of Texarkana lies this facility featuring three sporting clay courses and a covered 5-stand. Safety is prioritized, while Southern hospitality extends itself to guests of all skill levels.

Amy Vermillion, an interior design pro from Charlotte, is well known for her ability to “turn off her brain.” Unfortunately, this trait will come in handy while shooting the Rocky Creek Sporting Clays Oak Course.

The Oak Course

The Oak Course is a 14-station, 100-target sporting clay course tailored explicitly for intermediate shooters. Tucked away amongst the trees, this course offers plenty of shooting variety that makes it perfect for hot summer days and returning guests alike. Its unique setup and layout have earned this venue many rave reviews!

This course offers the ideal environment to practice gun handling and technique, testing your ability to hit moving targets while honing speed and consistency. With targets ranging from pheasants, quail, rabbits, and ducks, this course promises plenty of practice time!

Gary Bloom is one of the premier sporting clay course designers, and his Field Course offers something for all types of shooters – from novices picking up their first shotgun to tournament shooters shooting thousands of shells per year. Set north of Somerset on 725 acres owned by Mike and Harriet Brendle as well as 300 acres leased from Oak Grove Plantation, its picturesque property includes rolling hills and wooded areas that reflect southern history.

The Laurel Highlands Mountains provide the ideal natural setting for some of the world’s premier sporting clay courses. This breathtaking destination combines fun with relaxation and unwinding; these courses are meticulously maintained, surrounded by forests, picturesque lakes, and stunning landscapes that replicate everything from covey rises of quail to geese landing on lakes – these courses simulate every possible scenario that occurs out in the field!

Amy Vermillion delights in the loud boom and distant crack of her well-aimed shotgun blast, enjoying its loud boom and remote bang. For an interior design superstar such as herself who often finds themselves overworked and overscheduled, shooting offers a respite, allowing them to enjoy its distinctive sound and feel while shutting off their busy minds. Rocky Creek Sporting Clays General Manager Chris Cantrell advises her, “You have to turn everything else off when shooting”.

The Field Course

At this world-class facility, guests can sharpen their skills with various shooting games. Sporting clays are a form of simulated hunting where targets are thrown from any angle or distance and mimicked as game birds flit about in flight; four different-sized targets represent ducks, pheasants, rabbits, and other upland game birds – the course typically hosts between two to six shooters who are assisted by an instructor trained to help with every type of target shot at.

The field course is a 14-station, 100-target range designed for shooters of all levels and specifically to facilitate tournament competition. Featuring both open and wooded shooting stations with long crossing targets and customizable personal delays at each station for optimal shooting experience regardless of whether it’s sunny or raining outside, The Field course ensures shooters of any skill can benefit from practicing on its challenging yet comfortable course!

This course offers various shooting scenarios, such as using a triple wobble trap mobile setup capable of simultaneously or individually launching targets, which can be moved anywhere on the ranch where flushing, passing, or high overhead game simulation would be beneficial.

Chris Cantrell left us all stunned with the sudden and tragic passing of Chris Cantrell, who had been working at Rocky Creek Sporting Clays since 2013. Chris loved sporting clays and shared his enthusiasm with others; his legacy lives on at Rocky Creek, which he helped establish; his gracious hostessing was always remembered fondly; truly an industry leader, Chris believed strongly in giving back to his community while being an outstanding host and host. He will truly be missed.

The 5 Stand

The 5 Stand is a covered shooting area featuring six different target presentations to give you plenty of practice Sporting Clays or just to have some fun! Take advantage of its comfortable environment to practice your sporting clays skills warm up for tournaments, or just simply have some fun!

Clinic Type: Chris Cantrell’s Sporting Clays Clinic for Shooters 18 and Up

This clinic is tailored for anyone 18+ who shoots Sporting Clays regularly. This event can help seasoned shooters master those last few shots that keep them from reaching a higher class level, or anyone switching over from Trap or Skeet and looking to gain more of an understanding of Sporting Clays presentations so they can become successful competitors in Sporting Clays presentations.

We will break down your current process and implement proven techniques explicitly designed for Sporting Clays that can make an immediate, impactful difference to your game. Increase your score, learn to hit more difficult targets more reliably, and become a more consistent shooter; this is essential training for any shooter.

Rocky Creek Outdoors is a comprehensive sporting clays and rifle range located just outside Texarkana city limits. Our 13-station Sporting Clays Course and 5 Stand Warm-up Facility allow our patrons to practice shooting their target shooting skills before heading onto our 100 Yard Rifle Range with 4 Booths for rifle shooting fun!

Rocky Creek Shooting Facility is operated by an enthusiastic team of individuals dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for guests of all skill levels, from those just learning how to shoot to professional tournament shooters who annually shoot thousands of shells. Developed initially from hunting land, it has since evolved into one of the premier shooting venues available today for team-building exercises, fundraising efforts, or simply relaxing with friends. We guarantee it!

The Rifle Range

The Rifle Range can be found at the back side of our property and offers a 12-station sporting clay course complete with trap and wobble field for novice to expert shooters alike. Although walkable, carts may also be available.

At our facility, there is also an elevated archery range and sand trap available for public use, both open to members and non-members alike. In addition, the facility also provides eye and ear protection as well as shooting accessories and ammunition sales at its concession store.

Amy Vermillion delights in the distinctive sounds of her shotgun blasts. As an interior designer from Charlotte, Amy Vermillion is well known for embracing negative space within her designs by emphasizing minimalist elements such as clean lines and white spaces. When shooting, though, her mind must switch off – like yoga but with ammo. That’s why Rocky Creek Sporting Clays in Richburg, South Carolina, provides such an oasis for her; here, she can get away from an overly stimulated world while engaging in something she truly adores doing – shooting can do just that.

Chris Cantrell, Rocky Creek’s General Manager and Shooting Instructor, is a key reason she feels welcome there. A respected figure in the shooting community, Chris served previously as General Manager at both Forest City Gun Club in Georgia and Milford Hills Hunt Club in Wisconsin before being featured as a regular guest on ESPN SportsCenter discussing its intricacies of clay shooting. Chris also championed it by helping to run National Sporting Clays Association tournaments as well as supporting veterans assistance organizations and Wounded Warriors programs locally.